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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The twitching and dream interpretation


Twitch in the whole bodyIf the twitch is felt in the body, then you will face a lot of sign of a very busy affair.
Twitch in the left headThis means you will get a fortune that many of you do business
Twitch in her rightThis means you will be praised and admired by many people
Twitching in the foreheadThis means you will be making money or happiness

Twitch in the left eyebrowIt means that you will meet with your loved ones, whether it's family or lover.
Twitch in the right eyebrowIt means that you will meet with your loved one
Twitch in the left eyelidIt means that you will meet with the parents or the family of a loved one
Eyelid twitch on the right sideMeaning There will be weeping and sad because it met with a painful occurrence
Twitch in the left earThis means you will have tribulation or painful events meet
Twitch in the right earThis means you will receive money or an unexpected windfall origin
Twitch in the right cheekThis means you will get a good job
Twitch in the left cheekIt means that you will receive happiness and praise of those around you
Twitch in the right elbowIt means that you will fall in love with someone
Twitch in the left elbowIt means that you will meet with distant relatives who do not meet the old
Twitch in the palm of the right handIt means that you will earn money or unexpected windfall in the near future
Twitch in the palm of the left handIt means that you will receive happiness
Twitch on the right footIt means that in the near future you will be traveling away
Twitch in left legIt means that you will meet with problems or hazards
Twitch on the right or the left ring fingerIt means there will be people who will soon be applying for your
1. Dreaming of white clouds drifting:Address success in any business.2. Dream to see a broad view of the high distances:It would be easy to obtain fortune and glory.3. Dream of seeing dark clouds and thick:Will meet with hardships and stalemate.4. White cloud over her dream:Address will be filled with a lot of fortune.5. Dream to see stars in the sky:Address shalt have good knowledge.6. Dreaming of fall in his home:Will acquire lawful fortune.7. Langiut dream stargazing in the clear sky:Will address the adequacy of his needs.8. Dream to see the full moon:Both business and loved the great people.9. Dream to see the lunar eclipse:Will be distressed.10. Dream swallow month:Will be higher in rank than others.11. Crescent dream:There will be people distress.12. In twin dreams:Address no kings competed with the king.13. Dreams fall months:Would receive a windfall.14. Dream of landing on the moon:Will achieve all goals.15. Dreaming of golden sun:There will be a very happy event.16. Dream to see the sun shining bright:Will come the days of satisfactory.17. Dream of seeing the sun highlights in the home:Will feel happiness at home.18. Dream to see the sun reflected in the calm water:Only partial success.19. Dream of seeing the sun split in two:Address will be the king of the world died.20. Dream to see two suns:There are two powers in the country are facing each other and there will be clashes.21. Dream months fell into his lap:The address will be great.22. Dream of seeing heavy rain:There will be rivals in love.23. Dreaming drizzle:Address your fortune will increase.24. Dream struck by lightning:The address will be given kemakmuan, but disastrous for others.25. Dream of thunder or see lightning:Rejekinya berkurrang akna address.26. Dream to see the volcano:Address is not good for you.27. Mountaineering dreams never fall:Your efforts will be successful.28. Dream to see the mountain from afar:There is a problem but can be overcome, to halcyon.29. Dreams are top of the mountain:Address will acquire wealth.30. Dream down a mountain:Your efforts will be lost.31. Dreams fall from the mountain:Address not good.32. Dream of digging on the mountain:Will gain something.33. Dreams of being on the hill:Will obtain treasure.34. Long dream to see the rain did not let up:Mercy of fortune will come.35. Dream see the light of the sky:There is good hope for your livelihoods.36. Dream to see a vast desert:Will gain a lot of fortune.37. Dreams of the morning:Address will receive virtue.38. Dream to see a pond:Address profit in the business.39. Dream to see the pool water is crystal clear:Addresses a successful and profitable business.40. Dream to see dirty water:Address not peaceful.41. Dream drink clear water:Address lucky.42. Dreams heard the sound of thunder:Will appear contention.43. Desert dreaming:You will often aloof.44. Dreams of being in the desert:Would leave the enjoyment.45. Dreams of being in the cave:There will be changes in your environment.46. Dream to see high waves:Will be empty in romance.47. Dream to see the ripples on the beach:It unleashes the spirit of working48. Dream to see flat land and wide:Address excitement49. Dream walking on flat ground:Good development50. Dream observe a plateau of the hill:There will be progress in the effort.51. Dream of eating clay:Address will get a lot of treasures.52. Dreaming about clay:Will address grieving.53. Dream saw a small stone:Will regardless of difficulty.54. Dreaming big rock:Will be able to treasure a lot.55. Dream to see objects of stone:In an effort to gain a lot.56. The dream pelted with stones:Will acquire an unexpected treasure.57. Dream to see the river water is crystal clear:Will gain peace of mind.58. Dream to see the river water is abundant:Address cheap clothes and food.59. Dream to see the river water is murky:Address will be fasting.60. Dream bathing in the river:Will get blessed.61.Mimpi diving in the river where the water is cool:Will get a happy afterlife.62.Mimpi feel the fresh sea water turns into:Will be safe from harm.63.Mimpi see ocean waves up to your home:Address will be married.64.Mimpi see the river water back and forth:Address will have riches.65.Mimpi see river water mixed with blood:Mendeita resident address hardship.66.Mimpi pond full of dirt on the home page:Will be a lot of unexpected money.67.Mimpi see the sand in time:Address will profit in the business68.Mimpi saw red glowing rainbow:Address all his will soon come true.69.Mimpi see a lot of lake water:Address AKN acquire material possessions.70.Mimpi drowned in the lake:Will free the power dai.71.Mimpi bath waterfront:Would love to see a preoccupation.72.Mimpi swim in the pool:Address will face the hardships of life.73.Mimpi swim in the river to get to the edge:Will recover from illness.74.Mimpi bees nesting on the shores of the lake and far into the lake:Addresses that dream gets glory supported by many people.75.Mimpi sun and moon bow down to you:Pankat can address high.76.Mimpi wind was blowing breeze:Address in the safe tranquil country.77.Mimpi not swim up to the edge:Address gets failure.78.Mimpi up into the air:Rejekinya will be happy and grow.79.Mimpi a big jump over the river:Address of the end was near.80.Mimpi boat sinking:Address was near death.81.Mimpi sailing between islands to trade:Will address a large profit.82.Mimpi make bricks:Will gain a little fortune.83.Mimpi see the pile of bricks:Stability in the business.84.Mimpi see a rainbow in the sky:Would make peace with the enemy.85.Mimpi see the island in the middle of the vast ocean:'ll Feel lonely.86.Mimpi is an island:Will memndapat new pekerjaann.87.Mimpi see comet (comet):Would be a riot.88.Mimpi saw a shooting star (meteor):Great desire will come true

Interpretation | ARTI | ANIMAL DREAMS horoscope
1.Mimpi see geese:Address fortune to acquire lover.2.Mimpi feed the geese:Will get a loyal friend.3.Mimpi saw many goats:Businesses successful and lawful livelihood.4.Mimpi eating goat meat:Will get a fortune that halal.5.Mimpi see the veins on the cheeks goats:Will be a lot of rain.6.Mimpi milking goat milk:'ll Get annoyed while.7.Mimpi riding buffalo or cow:Will be the glory.8.Mimpi riding a horse:Will succeed the goal.9.Mimpi ride a camel:Will obtain honor.10.Mimpi Elephant ride:Will become official.11.Mimpi riding an elephant is decorated beautifully:Will be loved by a great man.12.Mimpi kill elephants:People will obey.13.Mimpi see elephants fight with an elephant:Address officials bicker with officials.14.Mimpi see elephants in a circus:Will do stupid.15.Mimpi see a mother elephant and her son:Your family will live in peace.16.Mimpi slaughtered goats:Will make a profit in business.17.Mimpi see deer come in your home:Address will get a mate.18.Mimpi see the pig:Will be doing a bad job.19.Mimpi kill a pigTriumph of his will20.Mimpi play with the mouse:Will address his enemies.21.Mimpi kill rats:Will be able to defeat your opponent.22.Mimpi see animals skinny-skinny:Will be expensive food and clothing.23.Mimpi see fat animals:Will prosper and cheap food and clothing.24.Mimpi conversing with animals:Address will be holding a magnifying job.25.Mimpi following wild animals:Will address elderly.26.Mimpi riding horse armor:Address escape from doom.27.Mimpi riding a white horse:Address will get happiness afterlife.28.Mimpi eating horse meat:Address will acquire wealth.29.Mimpi cat into your home:Address anyone want to ride your home.30.Mimpi people arrested wolf:Address will be deceived people.31.Mimpi tiger got into town:Address will be attacked by an enemy nation.32.Mimpi tame tigers:Addresses have riches that are not kosher.33.Mimpi drink cow's milk:Address will be prosperous.34.Mimpi horse drinking milk:Will address the rich and elderly.35.Mimpi see a lot of chickens:Will be satisfied life36.Mimpi chasing chickensWill obtain maid37.Mimpi chicken slaughterWill be glorious38.Mimpi obtain chickenWill have children39.Mimpi eat chickenWill acquire assets40.Mimpi lost chickenWill lose child41.Mimpi chicken feedYour job will be successful42.Mimpi kitten scratchedWill diomong-empty fools43.Mimpi see pet dogAddress will be happy44.Mimpi see the dog shake its tailEasily complete address urgent business45.Mimpi saw dogs fightingWill be at peace with your opponent disputes.46.Mimpi diggigit dog:Warning that you are vigilant.47.Mimpi see white fluffy pet dog:Will be friendly with orrang honest.48.Mimpi see the dog barks:Beware many dangers around you.49.Mimpi saw a fat sheep:Address good, have a happy family.50.Mimpi eating locusts:Address earn halal money.51.Mimpi no grasshoppers eat the rice:Address will be happy.52.Mimpi holding a belilis:Anka will be blessed haram.53.Mimpi holding doves:Will be blessed with good children.54.Mimpi see a rhinoceros:Will have a big impact in the community.55.Mimpi catch fish:Will earn endless money but fast.56.Mimpi eating fish:Will earn lawful money.57.Mimpi saw a whale:Close friend you would go.58.Mimpi catching fish from clear water:Will berkasil in your business.59.Mimpi see people catching fish:Will regain inner balance.60.Mimpi see big fish:There is an increase in finance.61.Mimpi see small fish:Your heart will be disappointed.62.Mimpi see gold fish:Rich brides will appear.63.Mimpi gold fish:Address luck be with you.64.Mimpi spiced fish eat gold:Will earn a lot of money.65.Mimpi see kangaroos from Australia:Trading business you will be successful.66.Mimpi see cicada:Address of your life will be good.67.Mimpi play with cricket:Address for satisfactory health.68.Mimpi saw a frog:Will earn a lot of money.69.Mimpi hear frogs singing:Will praise the70.Mimpi eat frogs alive:Diseases will appear.71.Mimpi kill a frog:Will lose your business.72.Mimpi holding a frog:There will be additional revenue.73.Mimpi saw a scorpion:There are people who threaten you.74.Mimpi seeko stung by a scorpion:Betrayed his own friends.75.Mimpi saw a lizard:Beware there is an enemy in the blanket.76.Mimpi see green lizards:Misunderstandings can be cleared up.77.Mimpi visiting a zoo:Going on vacation outside of the area.78.Mimpi bring the kids to the zoo:Will be lucky in financial matters.79.Mimpi see centipedes:Will be fearful.80.Mimpi donkey:People will be scorned.81.Mimpi kicked an ass:Will not hesitate in making love.82.Mimpi see white hairy ass:Will be successful in personal affairs.83.Mimpi caught a rabbit:Will meet with young people.84.Mimpi see the white rabbitWill feel happy and successful in your business.85.Mimpi eating fried crab:There is an increase in finance.86.Mimpi crab boil:There is a minor accident.87.Mimpi see crabs:Address your business will lose money.88.Mimpi kill deer:Separation will occur.89.Mimpi saw a deer eating grass:There is a sense of love with someone.90.Mimpi see a cat asleep:There is satisfaction in love.91.Mimpi see beetles crawling in your body:Difficulties will arise in financial trouble.92.Mimpi kill a beetle:Will be able to cope with financial problems.93.Mimpi saw a turtle:There will be guiding you.94.Mimpi found a dead turtle:Will lose a friend.95.Mimpi bitten by fleas:There are people who collect debts.96.Mimpi see lice on the body of another person:There will be a disappointment.97.Mimpi kill fleas:Will be a great benefit to your business.98.Mimpi see a spider:Your fate is very doubtful.99.Mimpi clean the cobwebs:Friendship will crack.100.Mimpi see cobwebs:Keep your feelings in the face of the opposite sex.101.Mimpi see a white doveExpectations both in business and happiness in the household.102.Mimpi eat meat fried pigeonWill obtain treasure.103.Mimpi spotted a pigeonYou will undertake a journey104.Mimpi saw a pigeon courtship:Will make love with full of happiness.105.Mimpi see a monkey:Beware of scammers.106.Mimpi maintaining a monkey:There will be a traitor107.Mimpi saw monkeys climbing trees:Bright hope in matters of love.108.Mimpi ruthless dragon:Address to lose.109.Mimpi kill a dragon:Will regardless of difficulty.110.Mimpi bitten by a mosquitoAddress will be sad.111.Mimpi kill a mosquito:Will be able to overcome all difficulties.112.Mimpi saw a whale:You worried about something problem.113.Mimpi kill deer:Farewell.114.Mimpi see deer running around:Misunderstanding among comrades.115.Mimpi see deer eating grass:Will fall in love, attracted the opposite sex.116.Mimpi see a cow shed:Signs of healing an illness.117.Mimpi see the dead cow:Will lose your business.118.Mimpi milking cows:Will earn a lot of money easily.119.Mimpi eating a dish of beef:Will acquire wealth and happiness.120.Mimpi buy bulls:Will be friendly to the rich.121.Mimpi see fluffy white bull:Going forward in the effort.
1.Mimpi see mangoes:Address will rejoice.2.Mimpi ripe papaya fruit picking:Will earn a lot of money.3.Mimpi papaya fruit peel:Will be lucky in business.4.Mimpi eating ripe papaya fruit:Will obtain treasure.5.Mimpi eating sweet orange or other citrus:Address will feast upon.6.Mimpi see citrus fruits:Address her health declined.7.Mimpi drinking orange juice:Address will be successful and have fun.8.Mimpi see orange trees bear much fruit:There will be a happy occasion.9.Mimpi see liman fresh citrus-fresh:Good address, business succeed.10.Mimpi see the fruits:Will make a profit in business.11.Mimpi have lots of fruits:Will gets hit a lot.12.Mimpi sweet eating pomegranates:Address will feast upon.13.Mimpi look cucumber:Address will meet knowledgeable people.14.Mimpi eating apples:Address will face success.15.Mimpi seeing an apple:Address will be happy in life.16.Mimpi sitting on a vine apple:Will hear the good news.17.Mimpi see or eat onions:Address your body will be healthy.18.Mimpi eat rice:Will obtain treasure.19.Mimpi picking fruits:Will address a lot of luck.20.Mimpi obtain palm fruit:Address'll get what he wanted.21.Mimpi leaves falling on the ground:All who desired to be achieved.22.Mimpi leaves do not fall on the ground:Must be careful in talking.23.Mimpi eating grape vine:Will receive the inheritance, was offered a good position.24.Mimpi eating beans:There will be difficulties with friends.25.Mimpi see interest:Luck will come.26.Mimpi see plants grow wild flowers:Will be an adventure full of danger.27.Mimpi see the flowers wilt:Failure will occur.28.Mimpi see trees berbungan:Will be prosperous and happy life.29.Mimpi see a bunch of fresh flowers:Will love and happy.30.Mimpi menyususn flower in vase:Will start a new life.31.Mimpi see growing roses:Will fall in love and happy.32.Mimpi holding a sprig of lily:Will be loved and respected.33.Mimpi see no flowers in the house:The mole people will come.34.Mimpi memalai flowers on the head:Will be the talk of people.35.Mimpi see the leaves or flowers:Address is happy in love or marriage.36.Mimpi eating corn:Address lucky and fun.37.Mimpi see straw:Address prosperity in marriage.38.Mimpi hayingAddress success in business.39.Mimpi dry grass:Will have a healthy child.40.Mimpi thorn:Address ugly can be effortless.41.Mimpi see potatoes:Will be lucky in finances.42.Mimpi planting potatoes:Will obtain treasure.43.Mimpi drinking coffee:Will be fortunate in a short time.44.Mimpi eat cabbage:You will soon marry.45.Mimpi eat pepper:Would love or romantic life.46.Melihat jessamine:Will be flooded with fortune.47.Mimpi tea:Will be generous.48.Mimpi are in flower garden:will gain life satisfaction.49.Mimpi saw a small child in flower garden:Will mate with the faithful.50.Mimpi eating tomatoes:Your family healthy and happy.51.Mimpi peer eating fruit:Address will acquire losses.52.Mimpi eat fruit keledung:Address impaired body healthy.53.Mimpi eat fruit sarangan:The address will be a good boy.54.Mimpi see the fruit hanging on the tree:Your proposal is accepted.55.Mimpi fruits drinking water:Your finances will improve.56.Mimpi see bamboo clump:Getting a good friend.57.Mimpi sow grains:Good news will come.58.Mimpi eating carrots:Will be a happy healthy life.59.Mimpi grow carrots:Good luck and good health.60.Mimpi see fried bananas:There will be a satisfying change.61.Mimpi boil banana:There will be a great advantage in your speculation.62.Mimpi fry breadfruit:There are expectations of business profits.63.Mimpi eating fried bananas:Will acquire enough wealth.64.Mimpi fried breadfruit:There is additional money coming.65.Mimpi eating porridge:Will have many friends.66.Mimpi eating chocolate:Will be healthy and strong.67.Mimpi give chocolates to someone:Your efforts will be successful.68.Mimpi offered a brown person:Would make good friends.69.Mimpi see lush green leaves:Your wish will come true.70.Mimpi see the leaves fall:It addresses difficulties.71.Mimpi see leaf wilting or drying:Address will be disappointed.72.Mimpi see a wheat field:You will be rich and well.73.Mimpi see green cornfield ynag:Will your household happy.74.Mimpi eating roasted corn:There are good expectations of your business.75.Mimpi eating ginger:Your love story with a good switch.76.Mimpi see mushrooms:Addresses less well in the mix.77.Mimpi eating mushroom:There are good expectations.78.Mimpi eating poisonous mushrooms:Address no great loss.79.Mimpi eating hotcakes:Would aggravating own comrades.80.Mimpi picking beans:There is success in business.81.Mimpi eating coconuts:Will be firm and steadfast in the face of disaster.82.Membelah coconuts:Will be less money.83.Mimpi eat boiled potatoes:Will be satisfied and prosperous life.84.Mimpi collect potatoes:Address your household harmony.85.Mimpi eating a date:You're loved by someone.86.Mimpi picking a date:You are missed love.87.Mimpi presenting dates:You will be kissed.88.Mimpi holding a sprig of lilies:Will be loved and respected person.89.Mimpi eating pineapple:Your address rejoice.90.Mimpi buy pineapple:Will be happy in your life.91.Mimpi see bananas:Will establish a good friendship.92.Mimpi sitting on a tree or climb a tree:Will get a good position.93.Mimpi memebang tree to collapse:Not address either in love.94.Mimpi no trees fell on the hill:Will address demotion.95.Mimpi see sugar cane:Address rejekinya easy.96.Mimpi see palm trees:Will earn windfall97.Mimpi see pomegranate tree bringeth forth much fruit:Will be given wealth and tranquility.98.Mimpi planting crops flourish:Your efforts will be successful and big profit.99.Mimpi acid plant trees:'ll Be sorry and disappointed.100.Mimpi planting longan tree:Either address will get happiness.101.Mimpi bersawah fields:Easy to obtain fortune.102.Mimpi of firewood delivered to your home:Rejekinya address will prosper.103.Mimpi lot of firewood in the house:Would be profitable.104.Mimpi planting ornamental plants:It worked very well.105.Mimpi cotton planting trees:His efforts bring results disjointed.106.Mimpi eat grass:Will get benefit and profit.107.Mimpi selecting medicinal plants according to its kind:There are beneficial to society.108.Mimpi looking grass:You will be caring for the sick.109.Mimpi eating vegetables:Old will get pleasure not to be missed.110.Mimpi grow vegetables:Will be healthy and happy.111.Mimpi see celery plants:Will tekenal and rich.112.Mimpi eating celery:Will be loved by many.113.Mimpi eating tomatoes:Would be a fun job.114.Mimpi tomato drinking water:Will be traveling by plane.
Interpretation DREAMS OF EVERYDAY LIFE socially
1. Dreams help a beggar:Will get ahead in life and love.2. Dreams meet with an author:Will meet with important people.3. A dream author:Will be lucky with your job4. Dreams meet with the saints:Your life will be safe and peaceful5. Dream dengnan met a woman:Will get a weapon in your fight.6. Mother's dream to see:Your efforts will be successful.7. Dreams heard the mother's voice:Will receive valuable news for you.8. Dream of writing a letter to the mother:Will receive a lot of merit and honor9. Mother's dream of meeting almarhummah:A warning that you do not get careless.10.Mimpi lost mother:You feel guilty in a case11.Mimpi see a grieving mother or sad:Will be involved in the troubles of others.12.Mimpi saw his mother being fun:Will benefit.13.Mimpi intercourse with the mother:Will obtain treasure.14.Mimpi intercourse with a child of their own:Will have fun the world and the hereafter.15.Mimpi intercourse with a sibling:Will acquire wealth and success of your business.16.Mimpi given a small child or infant:Will acquire a large fortune.17.Mimpi saw deceased father:Will obtain joy unexpected.18.Mimpi mating with another man's wife:Address is not good, no arbitrary authority handles the case.19.Mimpi received a letter:Will address elderly, your business can also thrive.20.Mimpi received a letter containing bad news:Address will be disappointed.21.Mimpi wrote a nozzle love:Some thing that will be too late to regret.22.Mimpi burning or tearing the letter:There will be setbacks in terms of finance.23.Mimpi read other people's letters:Would suffer shame.24.Mimpi ripping important letter or document:Bad news will come.25.Mimpi see or read the newspaper:Will face a perplexing problem.26.Mimpi buy newspapers:There will come a sudden surprise.27.Mimpi him hit people:Will have riches.28.Mimpi imprisoned and later release:Going bankrupt and impoverished.29.Mimpi see a prison:Peace will appear in your life.30.Mimpi released from prison:Will launch a new problem in your life.31.Mimpi unjustly imprisoned:Address others do not trust you.31.Mimpi go to jail:Your lies will come to light.32.Mimpi locked up in a dungeon:Will address the hated family visited.33.Mimpi see the prisoner in jail:Keep your health good.34.Mimpi see or talk to the judge:Address watched people all the time, you have to be careful.35.Mimpi dealing with a judge:Will receive appropriate remuneration for the work you do.36.Mimpi be the judge:Will solve the problem.37.Mimpi being accused in court:Will act responsibly assertive.38.Mimpi be the accuser in court:Will appear embarrassing atmosphere.39.Mimpi meliaht a court:Will require the advice or the advice of a close relative.40.Mimpi received a summons from the court:Address anyone harm you.41.Mimpi be a witness in penggadilan:Will help someone in trouble.42.Mimpi see more men than women:Will address tranquil country population.43.Mimpi see more young children than adults:Address you have fun.44.Mimpi recovered from his illness:What is going to work.45.Mimpi marry again:Will increase busyness.46.Mimpi head held by:For a single person will be able to get a mate and fortune.47.Mimpi honest weighing scales:Address will give advice to others.48.Mimpi weigh but timbanganya broken:Address hurt people or near death.49.Mimpi hold a pen or pencil:The address will be the lawful spouse or possessions.50.Mimpi its repeal:Addresses separated mother or father.51.Mimpi weigh too heavy or light:Going to the wrong address.52.Mimpi see scales:Address will take a decision.53.Mimpi body weigh yourself:Address people's rumored.54.Mimpi husband and wife fight:Will discuss important matters.55.Mimpi children diedThere will be quarrels in the household.56.Mimpi meliaht boys fight:Good address for a dream.57.Mimpi meliaht boys playing with girls:Address happiness in romance58.Mimpi saw a boy at work:Address profitable for the dream59.Mimpi live happily in the family:Your family will be lucky.His wife 60.Mimpi contain:Address is not good for the dream.61.Mimpi wife hugged himself:Will obtain treasure.62.Mimpi hugging another man's wife:Would be a great advantage.Your wife 63.Mimpi labor (childbirth):Will be a large fortune.64.Mimpi a walk with his wife:Address not good, there will be disputes.65.Mimpi quarrel with his wife:Health will be compromised.66.Mimpi husband and wife were both in the water:Will be lucky in business.67.Mimpi see orphans:Will have a happy life.68.Mimpi picked orphans:Will gain fortune and wealth continuously.69.Mimpi visiting orphanages:Will receive good news.70.Mimpi saw a girl:Will come a joyous feast.71.Mimpi see girls dressed in white:Will reignite the passion of his love.72.Mimpi surrounded the girls who laugh:People will be scorned.73.Mimpi kissing young girls:Addresses have to be careful with kecorobohan.74.Mimpi kissed by young girlsAddress will be disappointed.75.Mimpi intercourse by a teenage girl:Will acquire a large fortune.76.Mimpi chatted with a farmer:People will be respected for your intelligence.77.Mimpi child be great:Will obtain joy.78.Mimpi small children are married:Will have tribulation.79.Mimpi see fairies:Will rise in rank.80.Mimpi saw the crowds:Address efforts will be in vain.81.Mimpi met with police:Will be protected from the noise.82.Mimpi see a bogus policeman:Will get an error in the job.83.Berurusan with police:Address disagreements occur.84.Mimpi helped a police officer:Sutau address the problem will end well.85.Mimpi met with the president or the queen:Address both, success in business.86.Mimpi see a king:Business address you will be lucky.87.Mimpi be a king:Address too selfish.88.Mimpi funeral king or sultan:Will receive a windfall or inheritance.89.Mimpi be the king or queen's coronation:Good address, a sign of happiness.90.Mimpi you are inducted into the king:All your efforts will be successful.91.Mimpi be a soldier:Will experience a change in life and success.92.Mimpi see an army:You will be worried about the fate of the future.93.Mimpi hear applause:Address you will receive a small inheritance.94.Mimpi applause:Will obtain success in this new venture.You 95.Mimpi clap:Address your fresh-fit.96.Mimpi saw a skull:Address of your success in business.97.Mimpi acquire skulls from the trenches:Will acquire a large fortune.98.Mimpi saw a skull:Will berhaisl in your business99.Mimpi a fight with a neighbor:A sign warning do not easily get angry.100.Mimpi help a neighbor:Will memerima little legacy.101.Mimpi tears:Will obtain happiness.102.Mimpi see people cry:Will come the help of your friends.103.Mimpi see the actor or artist:Will achieve something extraordinary.104.Mimpi become an accountant:Will have difficulty in the job.105.Mimpi make a balance sheet well:Your business will succeed.106.Mimpi see a sleeping child:Address good, exciting future.107.Mimpi heard a child's voice crying:There is a loss in your business.108.Mimpi adopt a child:There will be a benefit in your party.109.Mimpi see a dirty child:There will be a success unexpected.110.Mimpi see a clown:Will receive a prize.111.Mimpi be a clown:Address your friends do not understand you personally.112.Mimpi escape from a danger:Will soon recover from illness.113.Mimpi see others avoid a hazard:Will earn money unexpectedly.114.Mimpi deal with pirates:Your address must be careful.115.Mimpi standing on a balcony:Will get a good friend.116.Mimpi see a balcony that collapsed:Will fail all your efforts.117.Mimpi keep money in the bank:A latent desires will be fulfilled.118.Mimpi take the money in the bank:You address the lack of money.119.Mimpi working on a ship:Address of your life will be added either.120.Mimpi meliaht shadow several objects:Will address the fear of his own shadow.121.Mimpi see the tiny baby:Address success in love, or the emergence of unpleasant things.122.Mimpi feed the baby:There will be a joyous family gatherings.123.Mimpi bathing the baby:Bagikebahagiaan address family.124.Mimpi breastfeeding:A warning to be wary of scams.125.Mimpi heard the baby crying:A warning of disease or failure.126.Mimpi found discarded babies:Will gain peace of soul.127.Mimpi you are being operated:Will get a test or trial.128.Mimpi see the surgery:Will complete a difficult task for many people.129.Mimpi receive condolences warning:Address bright hope in the future.130.Mimpi help people in disaster hit:Address has a bright future.131.Mimpi abscess pain:Will feel sad or moody.132.Mimpi see others pain swelling:Will overcome many obstacles.133.Mimpi you are being studied:Disease is coming danger.134.Mimpi receive news or good news:There will be good fortune.135.Mimpi receive news or the bad news:There will be a troublesome thing.136.Mimpi boarded a bus:Will be faced with a difficult problem.137.Mimpi accident while riding the bus:Will obtain financial distress.138.Mimpi break or poke ulcers:Would be a riot or trouble with your family.139.Mimpi lie:There will be financial progress.140.Mimpi labeled person as a liar:Will appear contention.141.Mimpi see the crib (swing) is empty:Will be no danger of the disease.142.Mimpi cradle swing (swing) contains a baby:Will succeed in households and businesses.143.Mimpi see white feathers:Would be suspected of, but not wrong.144.Mimpi saw a feather floating in the water:You looking good fortune but in vain.145.Mimpi adorned with feathers:Will travel far.146.Mimpi see the hairs are black:Will feel the grieving.147.Mimpi lashes look long and smooth:Would be surprised to know the original.148.Mimpi see bunkuk:Will receive a fortune.149.Mimpi your body slouch:Will be able-bodied fun.150.Mimpi bring the parcel:Will also eventually work your success.151.Mimpi received a package:Beware of false friends.152.Mimpi got smallpox:It would appear an important experience.153.Mimpi feel jealous:Will be sad but only briefly.154.Mimpi fall in love or have a sense of love:Happiness will come.155.Mimpi see people having sex:Your business is a gamble will succeed.156.Mimpi gave a kiss on her:Address of the opposite sex you loved.157.Mimpi kiss the ground:Grief will come.Mother kissing 158.Mimpi:You missed the tenderness.159.Mimpi kissing an old man:Will be disappointed in love.160.Mimpi receives a kiss:Will be appreciated and respected people.161.Mimpi wash dirty clothes:There are people who annoy you.162.Mimpi you kidnapped:Be careful in the matter of marriage.163.Mimpi kidnap someone:Watch out, will lose.164.Mimpi play dice:Will get heavy losses.165.Mimpi see a doctor:Address the threat of disease.166.Mimpi talk to a doctor:Something that has long been the desire will come true.167.Mimpi become a doctor:Your business will succeed.168.Mimpi be a surgeon:There will be tinggkatan your position.169.Mimpi see the drama on the stage:Will appear an unpleasant problem.170.Mimpi write drama scenario:Be booed friends.171.Mimpi a drama director:Will acquire a happy home life.172.Mimpi see seaorang widower or widow:Will earn money.173.Mimpi grieve:'ll Get lucky.174.Mimpi join a festival:Your friend will be lucky.175.Mimpi listening to music:Will acquire wealth or fortune.176.Mimpi look shipyard:Will come the fun news.177.Mimpi were in the shipyard:There is hope in the fields of business and health.178.Mimpi see a picture or painting yourself:There is hope of happiness.179.Mimpi see a picture of the deceased parent:There will be help and free from trouble180.Mimpi across a dark alley:Will lose a loved one.181.Mimpi arrived in a blind alley:His efforts were in vain.182.Mimpi chased the bad guy in an alley:It would appear something less good.183.Mimpi see salt:Your business gets a nice breeze.184.Mimpi sprinkle salt:Bad luck will come but only briefly.185.Mimpi be a robber or robbers:There will be a matter of financial difficulties.186.Mimpi see buildings being built:Will receive the higher award.187.Mimpi see collapsed buildings:Address the intent will be canceled.188.Mimpi see buildings:Will have a lot of money.189.Mimpi look old and damaged buildings:There will be misfortune.190.Mimpi see dark weather:No news is not unexpected.191.Mimpi are in the dark:There is useful advice for you.192.Mimpi attend graduation at universityThe financial situation is getting better.193.Mimpi entering mosques:Would be a god-fearing person.194.Mimpi Salat (prayers) in the mosque:Will have a bright future.195.Mimpi pushing wheelbarrow:Will establish a nice friendship.196.Mimpi interesting gerobag thrust:Will appear in the sad event of your friends.197.Mimpi see gerobag reversed:Will carry something heavy burden.198.Mimpi gossiping about people:would be in the case of love of others.199.Mimpi are in the cave:Will change about your life.200.Mimpi out of the cave into the light open:There will be a change for the better.201.Mimpi see the entrance to the cave during the night:Be careful with your health.202.Mimpi saw warehouses full of goods:There will be prosperity in your home.203.Mimpi see an empty warehouse:There will be that you are suffering from poverty.204.Mimpi watching wrestling:Disputes will arise denagn friends.205.Mimpi be a teacher:Will appear alarming thing.206.Mimpi see a teacher:Voluntary donations will be requested.207.Mimpi given a gift:Your efforts will be successful.208.Mimpi gift giving:You will receive a small inheritance.209.Mimpi pregnant (if female):Your wish will come true.210.Mimpi met a lot of people get pregnant:Will earn extra money.211.Mimpi celebrate the anniversary:Will obtain happiness.212.Mimpi celebrate:There will be a gathering of family fun.213.Mimpi become a conglomerate:Will get luck.214.Mimpi hypnotize people:Will have trouble paying debts.215.Mimpi hypnotized person:Will unlock the secrets.216.Mimpi pay debts:A good sign.217.Mimpi respected children:Membahagiaan will experience events in the family.218.Mimpi respect for officials:There will be a delightful guest.219.Mimpi meet-in-law:There is dissatisfaction with relatives220.Mimpi meliaht palace complete with king and queen:Will receive satisfaction221.Mimpi look long and straight road:Will be lucky.222.Mimpi see winding road:Will succeed after a trouble.223.Mimpi strayed into the small winding road:Anxiety will arise.224.Mimpi a dark highway:A sign of disappointment.225.Mimpi fall from a high place:You heyday of the dark.226.Mimpijatuh into a ditch:Will get ugly name.227.Mimpi fell on something:There will be important news.228.Mimpi saw an open window:Will gain inner satisfaction.229.Mimpi jumped through the window:To lose in finance.230.Mimpi see a minister:Will receive an honor.231.Mimpi be general:Will get heavy duty.Related to a general 232.Mimpi:Your efforts will succeed, because there is outside help.233.Mimpi see jockeys:There has been progress in the effort.234.Mimpi jury:Would be at odds with loved ones.235.Mimpi become a chef:Address good, liked people, successful business.236.Mimpi inducted so the nurses:Will acquire a fun match.237.Mimpi see nurses:There is a new business better.238.Mimpi fell in love with the nurse:Your business succeed with fun.239.Mimpi inside the ship's cabin:There is a difficulty in terms of the law.240.Mimpi install the glass in the window:It would be a pleasure.241.Mimpi wearing glasses:Obligations will be completed properly.242.Mimpi see the magnifying glass:Will earn money.243.Mimpi sit down with the grandparents:Will be a long life.244.Mimpi received a gift from grandparents:Sign for an inheritance.245.Mimpi see foreign bedrooms:There will be new friendships.246.Mimpi see the bedroom itself:Will feel disappointed.247.Mimpi see ships:There will be a change in terms.248.Mimpi see a ship sinking:There is a sudden disaster.249.Mimpi in cruisers:Will be successful in any business.250.Mimpi see the plane crash:Will be sad or disappointed.251.Mimpi to pilot airplanes:Will earn substantial rewards.252.Mimpi falling from an airplane:Address a disaster.253.Mimpi army captain:The better your luck.254.Mimpi joked with colleagues:Separation will occur.255.Mimpi help a friend:No help from the friends.256.Mimpi see barbed wire:Opposite sex will be favored.257.Mimpi injured barbed wire:Will acquire new lover258.Mimpi see a car accident:Be careful on the road.259.Mimpi injured in an accident:Be careful in the business.260.Mimpi feel disappointed:All your expectations will be met.261.Mimpi commit crimes sutau:Address to be patient do not be impetuous.262.Mimpi shocked:Will obtain satisfaction.263.Mimpi surprise other people:Your effort suffered a setback.264.Mimpi see an atrocity:There will be a change in your lingkunggan.265.Mimpimelakukan minor mistake:All difficulties can be overcome.266.Mimpi see others make mistakes:There will be a mengeccewakan hyal.267.Mimpi involved in a fight:Will receive the award himself.268.Mimpi meliaht the fight:'ll Get lucky.269.Mimpi hear the banter of people:Will come an unwelcome guest.270.Mimpi see a train:A friend will leave you.271.Mimpi see a series of straight railway unbroken:There will be help from a friend.272.Mimpi traveling by train:There will be a good development.273.Mimpi so the train engineer:Will find a new hobby.274.Mimpi out dai train:Will achieve your goals.275.Mimpi locomotive train ride:There is good hope in your business.276.Mimpi see midgets:Health agency will obtain and prosper.277.Mimpi wear the veil:Would feel lonely.278.Mimpi feel lonely:Would have loved a lot of friends.279.Mimpi see the big city:Will not be satisfied with your efforts.280.Mimpi see a small town:Will get satisfaction.281.Mimpi see admiral:All your efforts will be successful.282.Melihat grassy field:Will be happy in the household.283.Mimpi look dry grassy field:There will come a disease.284.Mimpi touring or traveling:Financial development will emerge.285.Mimpi wear the badge:Your efforts will be successful.286.Mimpi spit or spat:Will be happy and your business successful.287.Mimpi buy lottery sheet:Will many people despised.288.Mimpi won the lottery:Will occur quarreled with relatives.289.Mimpi drawing linggkaran:There will be daunting.290.Mimpi hear the bells:Address the death of a friend.291.Mimpi not see the bell reads:Failure will occur.292.Mimpi down in the elevator:Signs of deterioration in the business.293.Mimpi ride the elevator to the top of the building:Hopeful sign was kind of fun.294.Mimpi meliaht a hole:A warning not careless.295.Mimpi working in the pit:Should work with little pay.296.Mimpi giving toys to young children:You are very loved family and friends.297.Mimpi mandolin hear:Good sign of love and luck.298.Mimpi hot water bath:Address illness.299.Mimpi cold shower:Will be able to defeat his enemies.300.Mimpi bathing in the open:Address can be tough.301.Mimpi turbid water bath:Will be sick or loss.302.Mimpi once clear water bath:Address of a joy.303.Mimpi see playing matador with a bull:Friends will be received new interest.304.Mimpi see her ankles:Romance will happen.305.Mimpi sitting at office desk:Good address, promoted or fortune.306.Mimpi sitting at the dinner table:Either address will be lucky in business307.Mimpi cry:Address both happy.308.Mimpi heard a baby crying:Will come as a shock.309.Mimpi see the towers collapsed:Your efforts will fail.310.Mimpi up the stairs on the second floor floor building:There will be an increase in finance.311.Mimpi digging:Will be lucky.312.Mimpi listening to people sing:There is good news.313.Mimpi knitting yarn:Will have children or grandchildren.314.Mimpi see the lighthouse lights:Will be lucky in business.315.Mimpi see the lighthouse at noon:There will be an interesting adventure.316.Mimpi quarrel with the mother-in-law:Must be patient and careful work.317.Mimpi typing:Will succeed in this new field.318.Mimpi see the mummies:There will be huge profits in your business.319.Mimpi see oil:Peace will come.320.Mimpi drink oil:Would hate anyone who likes stylish.321.Minyak on fire, burning without smoke:Can either address a fun gift.322.Mimpi works by using oil-round:Will be able to drive away all obstacles.323.Mimpi driving on the wrong track:Will travel out of area or out of the country.324.Mimpi up car broke down:Will be disappointed in love.325.Mimpi driving a car with the power of being:Address success.326.Mimpi defeat an enemy:A good address.327.Mimpi defeated by the enemy:Should carefully you plan to fail.328.Mimpi turn on the electric light bulb:Good address, good luck in business.
1. dream of red hairWill memepunyai heart feeling unwell.2. Dream of white hair:Will quickly be lucky in business and long-lived.3. Dreams of seeing fake hair:Will in the alleged deception oran own friends.4. Dream hair turned a blind eye:Will experience a sudden censure or ridicule5. Dreams become overgrown hair instantly:Will obtain joy, when married to have children.6. Hair falling dream:Address not good, will grieve.7. Shave haircut dreams:There among the medically impaired relatives, or will separate / bercerrai with her lover.8. Dream hair comb:Her misery will end soon.9. Hair coloring paint dreams or other oran:Will fight for something but in vain.10. Dream dyed her hair alone:Expectations both in the field of business.11. Dream hair wash (shampoo):Life will get interference.12. Others dream hair cut:Will make a profit at the expense of others.13. Dream memeiliki thick black hair:Will acquire good health.14. Dreams weave (braiding) hair:Retakl a friendship that will recover.15. Dream to see hair growing hand:An address which is not good.16. Dreaming about curly hair:Will obtain success in matters of love.17. Dream of seeing a bald man:Will gain an appreciation and wealth.18. Dream to see a bald woman:Sign of hatred.19. Dreams arise head injuries lot:Will benefit.20. Dream horn head out:There will be misunderstandings.21. Dreams sour face or frown:Will incur a loss.22. Dream pretty attractive face:Will love and happy.23. Dream face stained black or black:Will be less well in a day or two days.24. Bercermim dream face:Must be careful in every action.25. Dreams of seeing his own face:Will appear sorrow.26. Dream of seeing a black face:Will be long-lived.27. Smiling face a dream:Will have fun and new friends.28. Dream ungodly ugly face shape:Would be a disaster arise.29. Dreams of seeing his own face flushed:Will soon fall in love, but kept secret.30. Dream oaring face flushed:Someone will declare your love.31. Dream long beard:Will be imprisoned, penance or fasting.32. Rambunya cut the dream:Will split up with her boyfriend.33. Dreams of seeing his face twitching:Difficulty obtaining fortune will.34. Dreams have a beard (a beard):Will be some losses.35. Dreams of seeing red beard:Beware of fake gamgguan be friends (traitor).36. Dream pair of blue eyes:Will have great affection.37. Dream a pair of black eyes:Warning that you alert / cautious.38. Dream of a pair of eyes that squint:Will short on cash.39. Dream panacran warm eyes / lust:Will be disappointed in love.40. Dream pair of green eyes:Will gain a loyal friend.41. Dreams have no eyes:Address was near death.42. Dreaming eyes of others:Will get gold or silver.43. Dream saw a man blind:There will be a friend for help to you.44. Blind-eyed dream yourself:You have to be careful in the work.45. Sharp-eyed dream:Would love to play the coveted.46. Dream nose bleed (nosebleed):Will experience a modest fortune though.47. Dream to see someone with a big nose:Address you should think about yourself.48. Dream big nose look yourself:You do not care about other people angry, when you are completing a difficult task.49. Breathing through the nose difficult dream:Will acquire certain difficulties.50. Dream saw the red lips, smiling:There will be a warm friendship or romance is tender.51. Dream look ugly lips, frown:Will occur friendship or love fades.52. Dream terkatub see lips meeting:Will suffer losses because of jealousy.53. Dream to see the mouth of a baby:Will gain a loyal friend.54. Dreams of seeing his own lips:He must be vigilant in speaking.55. Dreams can not speak (mute):Your words are not trusted by others.56. Dream of seeing ears:Will's rumored other people about you.57. Bertelinag dream saw a large or wide:Your request will be granted.58. Your own dream big eared:Will obtain joy.59. Dream itself bandaged ear:Your trust will be abused person.60. Dream ear cleaning itself:Your problem will be proved.61. Dream tweak someone's ear:Will be difficult, because your lover crime.62. Dijewer dream that your ears:Warning of a promise that you do not keep.63. Dreams have a fresh cheek:Will obtain a good hope.64. Dreams have pale cheeks:Will feel fear or sadness.65. Dream to wear lipstick (rouge lips):Will get something less pleasant.66. Dream revoke or shave her armpits:Address off of the debt.67. Dream saliva mixed riyak:Address will lose the property.68. Dream your hands on fire:There will be people who envy you.69. Dream looked at his own hand:Will appear sadness or grief.70. Dream has strong hands and beautiful:Will be able to complete a profitable venture.71. Dreaming hands full:Will have a friend or a servant who cheat.72. Dream wash hands:Will earn a good name and his fame.73. Dreams have a swollen hand:Will quickly offended and angry.74. Dream to see the injured hand:State will experience a less beneficial or detrimental.75. Dreams lost his left hand:Will be lost mother.76. Dreams lost his right hand:Will be lost father.77. Dream shake someone's hand:Will acquire a good friend.78. Upfront dream holding hands:Address trust someone who is of no use.79. Dream to see the nails hands or feet:Will gain financial satisfaction.80. Dream to see long nails:Will conduct an uncertain speculation.81. Dream cut or break nails:Financial loss will occur to you.82. Dream painted nails:Person will be branded as your behavior is not good.83. Dreams nourish nails:Good will get success.84. Dream to see people maintaining nails:Be wary of people who like to cheat.85. Others dream nails:Address no planned deception.86. Dream look dirty fingers:You will be involved in dirty business.87. Dream your fingers cut off:Will's rumored to people.88. Show your dreams to someone the finger:Your friends will forget you.89. Dreams of a sore throat:Address will be no changes in the weather or circumstances.90. Dreams have a small throat:Your business will fail.91. Have a great dream throat:Your business will be successful92. Living the dream throat:Will experience happiness.93. Dream signed a letter or document:Will get a job with a small salary.94. Dream sign a check:Will acquire prosperity.95. Dream body sweat:Will gain fortune or happiness.96. Body fat or strong dream:People will be glorified.97. Underweight dream:Will suffer and shortcomings.98. Dream out body lice or injuries:Will gain fortune or illness will be cured.99. Dream to see his belly:Will avoid or regardless of difficulty.100. Dream abdominal pain:Will be in good shape for a long time.101. Chain bound her dream:Will experience pain.102. Dream legs or arms exposed to dirt:Will have good luck.103. Regardless cock dream:Will suffer great distress.104. Cock sex dreams turn into another (from male to female):Will be blessed with children or assets.105. Mengeluarrkan his dream of water:Address will be the prince.106. Dream on his own teeth (upper part):Will grieve, because old oranng unfortunate.107. Gignya bottom dream date:Will grieve for the child or istinya will die.108. Dream of someone pulling teeth:Someone will take advantage of distress.109. Dream to see a row of beautiful teeth in one's mouth:There will be an interesting friendship with the opposite sex you are.110. Gigiyan see a row of beautiful dream:Will appear in future profits.111. Dream to see someone who wobbly teeth:Financial loss will occur.112. Dream gig fake look at someone:Beware the target of those who would deceive you.113. Dreams have dentures:Her look will obtain profits, but you will actually lose money.114. Dream body feels jaded or tired:Address all the effort did not succeed.115. Dream to see the lips of the opposite sex \ it:Will obtain a mate / life partner.116. Fever dream:Will receive a letter from a friend or loved one.117. Grieve the dream:Will exult and healthy.118. Dream liver disease:Will feel healthier body.119. T6ubuhnya naked dream:Will address despite enduring hardships.120. Dream the "ANU" bertelenjang:Address the "ANU" be ashamed.121. Dream to see the children who bertelenjang:Will obtain happiness.122. Dreams himself into the king:The address will be a violent person.123. Asked to leave the dream kepekuburan:Will acquire wealth124. Dream he wept:'ll Get lucky.125. Dreams he swore:Alamt less well in the job.126. Didnya dream (men) to women:Will be happy and get the treasure.127. Her crazy dream:Address will be cured of the disease.128. Her dreams into short:Difficult to address in the work.129. Discard him dreams of bloodAddress will recover from his illness.130. Dream to fly and perch in the trees:Address will be divorced by her partner.131. Dreams fly dijudara:Will address study.132. Dream street hand in hand with the teacher:Address gets the providence of God.133. Dream wrath of teachers:Alamt be scolded by his superiors.134. Dream of sitting with the head of state:Address all obeyed the words.135. Digantunga her dream by others:Address will be free of debt.136. Enslaved her dream:Address will have riches.137. Dream to see pictures of love hearts slow:For bachelors will soon marry, settle down.138. Dreams heard the heartbeat:Will hear his good news.139. Dream to see spikes:Will receive the inheritance.140. Dream (for women) fall in love with a man with a mustache:Will be fortunate in perkawainan anytime.141. Faint dream:The plan will fail.142. Seoran dream woman limping:Will quickly see you mate.143. Your foot lame dream:Will quickly go away or moved.144. Didri dream you are sick:

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